Do you experience Stress & Anxiety?

How the Cahhlm Disc Works

Touch: The Cahhlm Disc has smooth, rough, hard, and soft surfaces. 

Temperature: Click the temperature packs to instantly warm or freeze them to use cold.

Scent: Add your own essential oils or scent to the felt disc if desired.

Procedure: The steps of the Cahhlm Disc create a calming ritual.

These features make the Cahhlm Disc a versatile device to accommodate you.


I love the Cahhlm Disc! I have used it over and over to help with panic attacks and general anxiety. The heat helps to distract me from the stress and panic.


The Cahhlm Discs have been very helpful whenever I have a student experiencing a crisis. It gives them something tangible to hold and several students have said they felt comforted by the warmth of the discs. I also appreciate how easy the discs are to re-activate.


The Cahhlm Disc is effective and discrete. It helps me manage my anxiety on a da-to-day basis and has saved me so much time and stress. I highly recommend this product, the benefits are well wroth the price.