How does Cahhlm Disc work?

Cahhlm Disc combines temperature, texture, scent, and procedure to help calm stress, anxiety, and panic. Use before or during a stressful situation, panic attack, or meltdown. 

Is Cahhlm Disc reusable?

Yes! Placing the blue discs in hot water resets the gel (read included instructions). Each disc is reusable up to 100+ times. Do not leave temperature packs in their used/crystal state. Scent discs may be reused multiple times each depending on usage, scents, etc.

What scents or essential oils do you you recommend?

Research shows that the most effective scents/oils for stress and anxiety are Lavender and Rose. Some people prefer mint or a mixture of scents. We do not currently endorse any particular scent or brand of essential oils.

Can kids use Cahhlm Disc?

Yes! Cahhlm Disc is not recommended for children under 6.

Can I order more blue heating discs or scent pads?

Yes! Click on "Catalog" and you can order our Expansion Pack.